God and i had an agreement,
arrangements had been made,
only he hasn’t held up his end of the bargain.
i tell him he keeps making mistakes,
but he says that’s impossible,
that he’s God and doesn’t make mistakes.
i say what about this weight and this darkness,
and he says what about these wings and this fire.
i say what about this death and destruction,
and he says what about this new day.
i think he may have lost his mind,
that too many prayers for too long
may have taken its toll on the old codger.
i tell him i’m praying all the time,
but he’s not listening.
he tells me he’s speaking all the time,
but i’m not hearing.
i ask him why it has to be so damn hard.
he says it’s a cakewalk if i would just let go.
i say you made me this way
and he smiles.